Potentisation or dynamisation is the process to increase therapeutic strength (i.e. to make it potent) by an extraordinary two-stage process involving dilution and succussion. There are several methods of potentisation, of which the Hahnemannian method, devised by the founder after a series of experiments, is most accepted by homeopathic community.

(A) Dilution: Hahnemannian method offers two scales of dilution, centesimal and decimal. IN former one drop of mother tincture is added to 99 (or 9) drops of diluent in a new clean cap glass vial. As a diluent, distilled water or 20-60% alcohol is used.

(B)Succussion: The solution resulting from the admixture of the two liquids undergoes vigorous shaking with the impact known as succession. In Hahnemann’s day, the procedure was affected by striking the vial on a larger leather-bound book. Nowadays, in a more secular environment, the same effect is usually obtained with a unique mechanical shaker. There are a few pharmacies who still succusses by hand, striking the vial on the heel of their palms. Within each manufacturing process, the number of successions remains constant.

Vithoulkas has commented on the subject as follows:

“Succession adds kinetic energy to the solution. If one merely succusses a solution without diluting it further, a raise in the level of only one potency occurs, regardless of how many times it is succussed; therefore, both succussion and dilution is required.”


Customised Potency Selection

British homeopaths developed a system of potentising the medicinal solution called plussing. Dr Bach initially developed this method. In this method, the homoeopath refills the remedy solution when a small amount is remaining by adding more water and alcohol. The bottle is then succussed by potentiser to a sufficient number of times to complete the process. In this way, one slowly raises potencies like 6C, 30C or the LM to slightly higher levels.


Controlling Homeopathic Aggravation

Apart from a right homeopathic single remedy and potency, one must control homeopathic aggravation if found any after administration of 1st dose. A potentiser helps to regulate the potency. If a patient has responded on 30 C the potentiser, a good homeopath can do a slight change in potency and prepare 60C, 100C, 300C, 500C, 700C, 1000C, and 5000C to complement the Kentian potencies.

Auto Vaccine: The Medicine of Future

Hering introduced the use of nosodes and auto-nosodes. Hahnemann used auto-nosode in a case of tuberculosis of lungs after other remedies failed to act. The use of nosodes was further expanded by Burnett, Clarke and H. C. Allen. The experimental use of auto-nosodes, nosodes and sarcodes expanded the homeopathic materia medica beyond the traditional medicines of the mineral, plant and animal world.


Preparing New Potentised Remedies

Homeopathy is revolutionised by the introduction of new remedies in practice. To prepare new remedies from plant, animal & mineral sources, a homeopath needs a potentiser. Dr Praveen Potentiser provides an opportunity for research and experimentation with new remedies.

Remedy for a Lifetime

A remedy that works well with a homeopath is precious, and it should never get finished. A potentiser helps to retain the original medicine by re-potentising it again, however, with a minimum change in the level of potency. A homeopath saves money & time with the help of a ready to use potentiser.

The Inventor

Dr Praveen Kumar Goel, D.H.M.S

He has studied homeopathy intensively for over 30 years, since 1980. He is a physician, innovator and an entrepreneur. Dr Goel has an uncommon strength of having a research insight in his clinical environment. He is a dedicated researcher, a clinician and promoter of homeopathy. Dr Goel has revolutionized homeopathic pharmacy by his unique invention of "Dr Praveen Potentiser". The potentiser has brought the efficacy of homeopathic medicines at their supreme. He presents a modern and scientific face of homeopathy. His vast practice is supported by clinical research-based data, statistics and scientific documentation. Dr Goel is inspired by his father, Dr Jai Prakash Goel; who was a self-made homeopath in the pre-independence era.

“Dr Praveen Potentiser” is a mechanical potentiser aimed to harness the powers of homoeopathic remedy by repeated succussion. The potentiser is being widely used from the past 30 years and has various advantages such as:

• Medicines never get finished as they can be potentised again.

• Potentisation of new remedies by the Hahnemannian method is possible.

• Repeated succession improves the efficiency of medicines.

• No physical pain is observed since it’s a mechanical potentiser.


Necessity is the mother of invention” & it was the necessity to serve my patients in the time of crisis, that made me to think & devise this potentiser

Dr Praveen Kumar Goel (1990).


Dr. Hahnemann Complex,