“Necessity is the mother of invention” & it was the necessity that made me to think & devise this instrument “Dr Praveen-Potentiser”- Dr Praveen Kumar Goel (1990).

​Once upon a time, my city was gripped in riots & an indefinite curfew was imposed. I had to close the clinic but continued to prescribe the medicines from my residence. The condition of the city caught in riots got very serious & there was no way out to purchase or arrange some essential medicines that were running low in my stock or were almost exhausted. This situation got me worried & I decided to resolve the problem somehow.

I was in practice of using the standard potencies like 6, 30, 200, 1M & was reluctant to use 7, 31, 201 etc. After going through the books such as “Nash Leaders” and “Essay on homoeopathy” by B.K.Sarkar, I thought of using 7, 31, 201 potencies also as standard ones. I consulted Dr. H.L.Chitkara, (resident editor of Homoeopathic Heritage) on this, who, affirmed the idea and insisted on using these plussing potencies. He also disclosed that many of stalwarts in homoeopathy don’t call any medicine again and he himself is a proof of it.

I prepared these medicines by stroking medicine bottle with hand on the back of a book, but this did not satisfy me. During this same period, I came across a short article by Dr. R.P. Patel with the title, "Some of the Causes of Failures in Homoeopathic Practice". On page 3 of the book, he has given two reasons which are as follows:


"Impurity with source of medicines", where he writes "I am sorry to say that most of our pharmacies are using the lowest quality of original substance in preparation of Mother Tinctures".


"Improperly prepared medicine is another cause”. He further writes, "I have visited almost all the pharmacies in different parts of the world and I know that many of them, wrongly or improperly prepare our potencies".

These led me to think about two points:

What I am doing by hand is not proper; I am just diluting the medicines instead of potentising or dynamising them because I doubt my strokes not to be sufficient enough. If it is so, then I cannot repeat the same process for further potencies.

Secondly, why certain potencies of some medicines from so called reputed pharmacies are not efficient on the patient, while different potencies of the same medicine are result oriented. For example; Calcarea Carbonica (200) with me always give desired results, but whenever I prescribe 1M or 10M, it gives me no result at all and same is the case with many other medicines. So, I thought that some medicines of certain potencies are not at all working, while, on the other hand the other potency is working. Therefore, I had to think that the potencies which are working and giving desirable results should never get finished with me. I discussed this with my other colleagues and seniors. My guide in homoeopathy, Late Dr. H.L Chitkara, Ex-Resident Editor of Homoeopathic Heritage, confirmed my views. He also quoted that many other senior and renowned homoeopaths in India and abroad are using this method of potentisation in their clinics.

Dr. B.K. Sarkar, in his "Essay on Homoeopathy" on page 572, points out the chronological statement of Hahnemann's Evolution of Posology. The following is compiled from the writings of Hughes (Pharmacodynamics) and Haebl (Life & Works of Samual Hahnemann). At two places, out of these 27 points, it is apparently clear that Hahnemann kept on reducing the quantity of medicines. In the year 1796, he was using crude drugs to treat the patient homoeopathically and with time and experience, he kept on reducing the quantity of crude drug till he invented the potentisation of medicine in the year 1813, when he published an article on "Sprit of New Theory of Healing".

Dr Stuart Close, in his lecture on “Homoeopathic Philosophy,” writes; - The whole range of potencies is and should be open to every man. The beginner need be no more afraid of 30th potency than of 3rd, when he has decided upon a similar remedy".