It is well known that potentisation has a very important role in homoeopathy. It is a vital fact that potentisation is a basic step of the homoeopathic system of medicine, but a general observation establishes that very few homoeopathic practitioners realize the benefits of this technique. Perhaps, this is because one does not know that it is fairly easy.

After making a long & continuous research, we have been able to devise one such “Dr. Praveen – Potentiser” which can be used easily, simply and more so ever, confidently. We not only hope, but also do believe that it is meritorious for every homeopathic practitioner to keep Dr. Praveen – Potentiser from business point of view so as to perform urgent functions as & when required.

With the help of Dr. Praveen – Potentiser, Homoeopathic practitioners will not only save money & time but also will be able to make new medicines with increased efficiency, auto – vaccines and tautopathic medicines.

Every homoeopathic practitioner can get maximum advantage with the use of Dr. Praveen – Potentiser in many ways. In brief, “Dr. Praveen – Potentiser” has following advantages:-

1. Dr. Praveen – Potentiser will enable you to possess a particular medicine permanently in your clinic without being finished at any time, e.g. you can prepare 1000 ml. Aconite 31 in the proportion of 1:99 on the first, if you may have merely 10 ml of Aconite 30 in your clinic in the first stage. Not only this, the effect of this new preparation will never ever be less than that of the original Aconite 30. Similarly, you can also prepare effective homoeopathic medicines with the help of this “Dr. Praveen – Potentiser”. Like 32 potency from 31, 201 & 202 from 200, 1001 and 1002 from 1000 respectively, so on and so forth. In fact, nearly all the homoeopathic pioneers have been using the medicines in such or similar ways so far.

2.Dr. Praveen – Potentiser is particularly very beneficial to those Homoeopathic practitioners who are interested in prescribing the homoeopathic medicines in plussing system effectively and sincerely.

3.Dr. Praveen – Potentiser is also beneficial to the practitioners who use generally 50 millesimal homoeopathic medicines just because stroking of 50 millesimal potency can be made in a good and simple way with the help of “Dr. Praveen – Potentiser”.

4. Dr. Praveen – Potentiser is also helpful in preparing and increasing the quality of medicines if it is short with you. Simply a drop or a globule of the required medicine is enough.

5. Dr. Praveen – Potentiser would help you in increasing your savings and would decrease a lot of recurring expenses on medicines.

6. You can also prepare effective potencies and any medicine in basic form with the help of Dr. Praveen – Potentiser in short time.

7. You can also apply autovaccine therapy on your concerned patients with the help of Dr. Praveen – Potentiser.

8. Dr. Praveen – Potentiser has a unique role in day to day homoeopathic practice and is essential for such practitioners who have modern and dynamic views and ideas in regard to their practice.

It wouldn’t be inadvertent to say that the effective medicines are not available at all times in the market or effective potentised medicines are hardly or mostly not available in the market.