​ Potentisation is a fundamental technique of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, but in homoeopathic practice, this technique is not being used as frequently as it should be.

There are few suggestions in this regard. There is no perceptible difference between action of 30 and 31 or 30 and 32. Similarly, there is no difference between action of 200 and 201 or 200 and 202. So, if the stock of 30 potency dilution is about to finish with only few drops left, then you can add rectified spirit or alcohol to it in 1:99 ratio and prepare 31 potency. Similarly, potency of one medicine can be used for the next consecutive potencies from the very first day. Say, we call for 30 and use 31; similarly 201 for 200.

It is advised by Dr. Hahnemann and the pioneers that same potency should not be used repeatedly in same case. We should prescribe the medicine in progressively increasing potencies as in case of the 50- millesimal potencies.

If we come to know that a person is sensitive to a certain material (like any allopathic medicine), we can treat the patient by prescribing the same material in potentised form. This has been termed as “Tautopathy”. In this way we can use anything as medicine.

It has been advised by pioneers of homoeopathy that if the patient is not responding to prescribed medicine, then one of the alternatives is that the toxic excreta of the patient may be used in potentised form as a medicine. For example in case of eczema, the oozing discharge from the skin can be prescribed in potentised form. This is called “Auto-Vaccination”.

A few doctors use a drop of blood or urine of the patient in potentised form to treat the disease.

Thus we find that “potentisation can serve in many therapeutic ways with good results”.

Last but not the least potentisation saves the time of a busy practitioner and money of an economically weak homoeopath.

But, for all this, one has to possess an instrument which gives confidence that medicine has been properly potentised and dynamised. A few homoeopaths may be doing it by hand, but mostly with little confidence and less dependability.

A group of doctors had been working on a project for last 15 years to devise a good and handy “Potentiser” and have ultimately come out with one which can be a boon to every homoeopath. The instrument is called “DR. PRAVEEN – POTENTISER”. Besides being quite efficient and sturdy, this “Potentiser is Simple, Handy & Affordable”.


The study of different literatures on the subject led me to the use of these odd potencies. Then all of a sudden, an idea developed from the use of ordinary potentiser and the principal involved in that. This led me to prepare a “Potentiser” for giving strokes. Although it was not very comfortable to use it as it was creating jerks in the hand, but definitely it was creating better strokes in the medicine vial and this I confirmed by using two different colored viscous fluids. One was plain glycerin and the other colored one. I put them in two vials and stroked it with potentiser. I found that there was tremendous difference in homogeneity of vial stroked by hand and the other by potentiser.

With the help of a mechanical engineer I made many changes in my original potentiser. For instance, I put the special spring in the shaft of standard calculated size and strength, which further improved the strokes many times and finally I got a successful “Dr. Praveen – Potentiser”. I am now using this potentiser in the preparation of tautopathic medicines as well. Auto-vaccines are also being prepared in our clinic by this Potentiser.

Recently, we have started auto-blood vaccine therapy also with the help of “Dr. Praveen – Potentiser”. In this way, I have been saving lot of time and money in preparing and procuring medicines.